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Why a brand image is important

Communication marks our lives in such a way on a day-to- day basis, that on occasions we are bombarded with so many messages that we are unable to retain any of them.  In a world where “information overload” is such a reality,  standing out from the rest is truly becomes a challenge.

In the case of a company/business,  the brand image projected is crucial for being remembered or forgotten.

What exactly is the brand image?

Branding is the perception the public has of a company or business.  It includes all the aspects that constitute an identity such as design, content, the emotions projected and the memories it generates in the consumer.

It entails offering an added value that will make us unique and that will also reach our client.  In this manner we will position ourselves in their mind/sub-conscious, and they will remember us instead of our competitors.  Making this connection with our public is determinant towards not only becoming our client´s first choice, but also towards winning their trust and loyalty for future occasions.

How to obtain the ideal brand image?

A fundamental aspect when it comes to creating a brand image is to follow a coherent “branding” strategy.  In other words, whatever the business/company wants to transmit, must be related with the feelings or emotions aroused in the receptor.

A coherent brand image is determinant towards gaining customer loyalty, while an inconsistent one can only bring negative consequences to a business or company´s development.

The visual component is a key factor when it comes to transmitting our brand image.  All the graphic and design elements, such as logo, web page or business cards must be capable of transmitting this personality.

Defining our image goes far beyond tastes and styles, for this image must reflect the essence and values of the company. We mustn´t forget that a homogeneous aesthetic must be followed,  therefore such elements as color and style must remain the same regardless of the medium in which they appear.

How we communicate with the public also influences how we construct our brand image.  For example, if we decide to use an informal tone in our social media accounts, we can´t turn around and use a formal one in our newsletters.  The idea is to reach a representative style for our company, and later maintain it.

Eventhough its all related with such subjective aspects as how we are perceived by others, gaining a good and solid brand image is certainly possible.  Applying a coherent strategy in all of a company´s actions can be time consuming and require alot of effort,  but the future results will be extraordinary.

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Maria studied Web Design after graduating in Visual Communication. Digital world enthusiast, worked for an Irish company in Dublin before she joined ArayoWeb team.



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