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Reduce your overheads and open 24/7 with an eCommerce website or online shop

eCommerce Website Design Spain

ecommerce website design spain As a society, we are shopping more and more over the Internet from the comfortable confinements of our own home or favourite coffee shop! Is it because internet shopping is more convenient, it offers greater choice, or perhaps we’re just becoming lazy?! Whatever the reason, after topping over a trillion dollars globally last year, the online market is one that commercial retailers should ignore at their own peril.

Sell out of business hours with an Online Shop

Many companies have now realised that it can be easier and more cost-effective to sell their products over the Internet via an online shop, thus eliminating all the overheads of a physical premises. An online shop can also be used as an add-on to their traditional business to capture buyers from outside their area and out of hours. Just ask yourself whether your customers would be able to simply pop into your store in the early hours of the morning and buy your product? If the answer is no, then an ecommerce website or online shop could be for you.

ArayoWeb provide a variety of off-the-shelf ecommerce solutions, such as Prestashop, Magento and Virtuemart. These dynamic shopping cart solutions offer a library of professional templates, which can be to reduce the website build costs or they can be customised to produce an exclusive design. Their modular system also means you can start off with a relatively basic website and build up the features over time, such as shipping, payment options and stock control.

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