Interview with La Razon on Business Excellence in E-Commerce and Online Marketing - ArayoWeb

Interview with La Razon on Business Excellence in E-Commerce and Online Marketing

ArayoWeb, the idea partner to make your online business a real success

Each and every day, consumers buy more and more via the Internet. Websites have therefore become a great way to showcase our businesses. In the same way that physical shops need to know how to communicate their brand with consumers, websites also need to be attractive to catch their attention. This is what the professionals at ArayoWeb know all about, an expert team in technology, design and marketing.

What elements are needed to make a website attractive?
We have moved away from the days when companies tried to cram as much information as they could on a website. Today, people who browse the web find simple and clean websites with modern designs much more visually appealing. It’s also advised to keep some white space on the page or use dividers to format content into clear sections, which makes it much easier for the reader to digest and quickly find the information they are seeking. Getting the right blend of colours, a good image to text ratio, and using artistic fonts is also key to attracting more visitors to your website.

These days, is it essential that websites are creative as well as functional?
Yes, creativity is an essential factor in web design. Thesedays, most businesses, even those that consider themselves to be in niche industries, have thousands or even millions of competitors online offering the same product or service. At ArayoWeb, we therefore have a creative team of designers that know exactly how to make your web brand clearly stand out from the rest and help not only attract visitors, but convert them into paying customers and increase the company’s bottom line.

That said, the functionality of your website is as equally important, to ensure that the website is user-friendly to navigate and offers features and functions that the visitor desire for that particular industry.

What services to ArayoWeb offer to businesses that want to stand out on the Internet?
Besides our creative design services, as previously mentioned, ArayoWeb also specialise in promoting your website online so that it can be easily found by your target audience in search engines such as Google. We have dedicated professionals that carry out ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, which helps move your website to rank at the top of the SERP’s (search engine result pages) when someone searches for your producto r service i.e. insurance companies Madrid or IT services Malaga. We can also provide services in managing and promoting your company via Social Media, which is fast becoming one of the top methods of promoting your brand to an extensive audience (Facebook alone has over 1 billion users worldwide), as well as a means of creating a dialogue with your current and potential customers, thus building a close relationships with them.

What type of clients usually look for ArayoWeb’s services?
Our main client base consists of medium to large businesses who are looking to further expand and grow their business not only within the Spanish territory, but also globally. Not only online shops who want an e-commerce solution, but any business that wants to promote its brand, products and solutions online and create more online leads and sales. We also create websites for start-up companies and sole traders who are looking to launch their product or service to the market.

Source: La Razón

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