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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services Spain

SEO Spain So, how many times have you typed into Google the term that best describes your business and been instantly deflated when you see the words: ‘About 5,000,000,000 results’! It can be very daunting we know, but you’ll be surprised at how much rubbish is out there – websites that have had no consideration towards SEO at all. Therefore, with a well optimised website and some unique and relevant targeted key phrases, we will ensure that your site can be found amongst the clutter.

A effective SEO strategy

For each campaign we will do a full keyword and competitor analysis in order to find out the best way to position your website within its market. The next step is the on-site optimisation, which basically makes sure that those pesky little search engine robots are kept happy, so they too can find your most important information quickly. We do this through techniques such as reducing unnecessary coding, adding header tags and strategically placing keywords into the text and image descriptions. Then we make sure that the domain is registered with the top search engines, and perform off-site optimisation, through social media and link building campaigns.

How long your website takes to get to the top of the search engines will vary depending on the level of competition for your chosen keywords and your industry, but as a rule of thumb you should allow for 3 to 6 months before seeing any results. However, while you are patiently waiting to see your website move up the organic search engine listings, we can create a PPC (pay per click) campaign for you in Google Adwords for example, so that your website can be found immediately in the sponsored websites section of the search engine results.

Interested in starting an SEO campaign to boost your website in search engines like Google? Go ahead and get in touch for a quotation.

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