The underlying truth about Content Marketing and SEO

Following the latest Google algorithm changes which is placing more emphasis on website content more than ever, the validity and credibility of online marketing professionals roles are being questioned, and how necessary it is to hire the service of a company that specialises in improving the visibility of a business online and positioning it ahead of its competitors in the search engine rankings. As content marketing has become a key part of the SEO strategy, too many people now think that just updating their blog frequently and promoting it on Facebook and Twitter is all that is required. Nevertheless, this represents only a small proportion of what our work involves, to develop a successful SEO and content marketing strategy.

The first question that we must ask ourselves is: Do we really know what content marketing is? Personally I would define it as the technique of providing valuable and interesting content for the target audience and in this way, aiming to capture their allegiance and loyalty to our brand with the objective that in the future they become potential clients. Therefore, this is not a short-term technique, but we have to demonstrate our authority and knowledge of the sector to gain the trust of users.

And the next question should be: What is content marketing? Content marketing is not to shout about our products and services to all four corners of the globe. We sometimes confuse the utility of our blog and we use it as an advertising channel. However, people don’t like to feel that you are trying to sell something to them all the time. When users enter a website, they seek solutions for their problems or to satisfy their information needs and therefore we can’t base our articles on our brand. This doesn’t mean that we are not able to promote our products or services, but we must do it in a not intrusive way  (unlike traditional marketing). This way of pulling people to your website from the publishing of quality, unbiased content is also referred to as Inbound Marketing.

Recently a client asked what the difference would be if they took charge over the blog writing for their website. Our answer was clear and concise. We are professional communicators, we know who we have to address, what message to send and when. As we said previously, it is not just about creating articles and posting them on social networks. There are pre and post tasks to generating content, which take time and effort:

-  Knowing which target market we have to reach.
- Where we can find this target audience.
- What their interests and concerns are.
- Who can help us reach our target audience.
- How to make the message attractive and capture their attention.

In addition, within content marketing there is no a random word written. Thanks to this discipline we can position the keywords that make it easier for our business to be found on the Internet and we must carry out an exhaustive research using specialist industry tools, to find out which keywords are the most appropriate to our company and with which we are going to achieve a better position within the search engines. Moreover, we can’t lose sight of our competitors to know what they are doing, and to identify where they are making mistakes, so that we take advantage of their weaknesses and turn them into our strengths.

Furthermore, in addition to content marketing, we can’t forget the most technical aspect of an SEO strategy. It is true that tasks such as the continual research of backlinks that helped us increase our relevance in the eyes of Google (like Page Rank) and keyword stuffing on our pages is becoming a thing of the past. However, website optimisation still continues having a large weight within the SEO strategy: correct website structure, clean coding, fixing broken links, backlink analysis, keyword research and strategic placement, creating meta titles and descriptions, image Alt tags, URL canonicalisation, identifying and removing duplicate content… the list goes on and on.  If these are not done correctly, or left ignored, it is likely that your website will remain in the darkest depths of the SERPs leaving your website undiscovered.

Clearly, SEO specialists also have to worry about search engines, but we have to do it for satisfying the needs of users, earning their trust through our messages and how we communicate them. If we get that, we will achieve the rest more easily


Patricia Liébanas 5 posts

Patricia holds a Degree and Master in Journalism and a Postgrade in Digital Marketing and Community Management. She has an inquisitive mind and is passionate about everything related to marketing and communication in all its forms, especially in the digital area. Patricia has been working in the online industry, since the beginning of her professional career, and after working in Madrid and Salamanca, she has reached to Ronda to continue as an SEO Specialist in ArayoWeb.



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