The Growth of Mobile Commerce in Spain: the Statistics and the facts

The Growth of Mobile Commerce in Spain: the Statistics and the Facts!

Mobile Commerce?

Yes, we now have a new term for online business via mobile devices since online purchases via smartphones have shot up significantly since 2013. Currently, around 30% of retailers’ online traffic originates from mobile devices and more than 4 million people in Spain use their mobile phones to purchase products and services. One of the biggest and most popular online marketplaces, Ebay, has observed an increase of 68% in sales from mobiles in this year alone. Also, other big brands are jumping on the bandwagon to adapt and embrace this new trend, especially considering that this Christmas it is estimated that online sales will rise by 50%, of that 50%, 48% will be from mobiles.

Online Shops versus Apps

The main issue a buyer faces when shopping on their mobile phone is that many online shop websites have not been adapted to display correctly on mobile devices. However, among those online shops that are mobile responsive there are still many that remain wanting. In this case the mobile app has been a lifeline for providing the best mobile shopping experience for users.

The advantages of using a mobile app or tablet for shopping online are numerous; it makes site navigation, browsing for products and payment much easier and quicker. Furthermore, in contrary to mobile responsive websites, where the user can benefit from a fuller experience of the retailer’s brand, shopping apps focus solely on the actual buying process, eliminating all elements that are not deemed necessary when selling products and services.

One of the driving factors for the proliferation of shopping apps can be found in impulse buying. Once a customer has set their heart on a particular product, and they have the possibility to buy it at that very instant, they most likely will. However, if they need to physically go to the store or have to travel home to be able to buy it, they may think twice and decide to compare products, wait for an offer, or discard the idea altogether.

Although there is a massive market to exploit, and Spain is one of the biggest smartphone users in Europe, we still don’t seem to be conforming. It seems that, in Spain, many online shops do not have apps to encourage sales, and consumers have therefore started buying from shops abroad. We therefore need to take pull our socks up and start creating apps like work-horses.



The Impact of Mobile Commerce on Security

The process of shopping on mobile phones is similar to any other computer or electronic device—the security measures we need to take are the same. In fact, there are many people that are convinced that mobile shopping is actually safer, as we are much more selective and careful over what we download. On the other hand, we use our computers much more recklessly, downloading software from many different websites that could contain malicious software that could potentially locate our stored passwords.

The most secure form of purchasing from mobile devices is, of course, through apps that have been created specifically for that type of device, and therefore improve the security associated with online purchases. If you download apps from Google Play or Apple’s App Store you’ll be pleased to know that they have tools for checking the app’s code, and the developer who sells their app in these stores must fulfil specific requirements and pass stringent tests for the existence of malicious software.

The developers themselves have also worked hard to ensure that their apps are popular and reliable. For example, many companies have gone for sleek and professional designs, and some marketplace apps allow the possibility of scoring sellers, as well as providing comments and feedback to increase confidence with transactions. Understandably, the banking sector has received the most pressure to ensure that online banking applications are completely secure, and that the banks’ clients can access and manage their accounts easily via their mobile device.

The most popular shopping apps:

  • Amazon es la reina de las aplicaciones m-commerce.
  • Ebay, as already mentioned, is one of the most downloaded marketplace and auction apps on the market.
  • Wallapop, is another marketplace app that has received a lot of attention recently.
  • is another popular app in Spain, which also allows people to buy and sell second hand goods online.
  • Coupon and discount apps like Privalia, ShowroomPrive, LetsBonus oand Groupon have received a multitude of downloads.
  • Takeaway and food delivery chains, such as Just Eat, have long worked well for online orders.
  • And finally, the most popular fashion chains and brands selling clothing, shoes and accessories also provide shopping apps, and are achieving very positive results by offering exclusive discounts to mobile users.

In summary, you can now see the benefits that mobile apps bring to online shopping, not only for the consumer, but also the amazing results that businesses are reporting. Make sure you don’t miss out!

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