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17 Jan

Marketing Automation: Have your cookies and eat them!

Marketing automation: what is it and what does it mean to your business? You’ve invested time, energy and money into great products and promoted them through your company’s website, but have you invested in the data you’ve collected from your marketing campaigns to engage with your customers at every stage of the buying process? In recent years large corporations have significantly increased their focus on...

07 Oct

How to build a website: from an agency’s viewpoint

The telephone rings and from the moment we pick up the receiver and introduce ourselves, we are working for that person, our new client. I have worked for many years within the agency ArayoWeb, and I have realised that our clients do not comprehend the lengthy process that we carry out from the first point of call, right up to making a website live. I...

22 Dec

Do you know the difference between UX and UI?

Most people think that UX and UI mean the same, but they’re not and the reason for that is quite simple, is a tree and a branch the same thing? In the same way, UI is only a small part of UX. The term UX is a neologism used to describe the combination of feelings, which a brand evokes in a person, from both their...

04 Dec

Top 8 Web Design Trends of 2015 & 2016

Nowadays any company interested in publishing its content should have a website, however in order for it to be successful, not just any website will do. It needs to have a good design and functionality of course, as well as have a uniqueness that makes it stand out from the competition.  Web design is continuously evolving, and like any fashion, there are certain trends to...

23 Jul

How to use LinkedIn for business and its benefits

Many may think of LinkedIn as another massive social media site with no other use than promoting one-self for finding work, but the uses of LinkedIn go far beyond that.   With over 180 million professional users and an increment of another million per week, more and more companies are learning to use LinkedIn for business growth. The fact that LinkedIn is the number 1 professional...

21 May

Why a brand image is important

Communication marks our lives in such a way on a day-to- day basis, that on occasions we are bombarded with so many messages that we are unable to retain any of them.  In a world where “information overload” is such a reality,  standing out from the rest is truly becomes a challenge. In the case of a company/business,  the brand image projected is crucial for...

10 Mar

Infographic: Convert your idea into a profitable business!

If you have an idea and don’t know where to start to get it off the ground and convert it into a profitable business, this blog will be of interest to you. Once you are convinced that you have a good idea, you need to structure it. The first thing you need is a solid strategy. You should ask yourself: how can your idea be...

06 Mar

Latest Google News: mobile-friendly websites will now be ranked higher!

Those of you avid readers of web and online marketing news—usually from your favorite tablet in bed on a Saturday morning with a nice cup of brew, if you‘re anything like me—will have recently heard a lot of chatter about the importance of having a mobile-friendly website. However, for the benefit of our customers and followers who are not privy to the latest digital marketing...

21 Jan

The New Year bells of Canal Sur: how best to use online media to manage a crisis

In these turbulant times, crisis management is now as important as ever.  The increase in communications media, especially online channels, is beginning to take centre stage to effectively manage a crisis. The best example is social media due to the close interaction it creates between a business and its customers.  This is why it is imperative that a company includes an online communications strategy in...

04 Dec

The Growth of Mobile Commerce in Spain: the Statistics and the Facts!

Mobile Commerce? Yes, we now have a new term for online business via mobile devices since online purchases via smartphones have shot up significantly since 2013. Currently, around 30% of retailers’ online traffic originates from mobile devices and more than 4 million people in Spain use their mobile phones to purchase products and services. One of the biggest and most popular online marketplaces, Ebay, has...

23 Oct

Which typography should I use? – The eternal web designer’s question

This year typography is a hot topic for designers. Trends are changing not just the shape of the letters, but also their usage and size is being reinvented. For example, bigger fonts than ever are being used for headlines, posters and in websites, not just to ensure that the message is being delivered clearly and effectively, but because it’s attention grabbing and the use of...

08 Oct


The underlying truth about Content Marketing and SEO Following the latest Google algorithm changes which is placing more emphasis on website content more than ever, the validity and credibility of online marketing professionals roles are being questioned, and how necessary it is to hire the service of a company that specialises in improving the visibility of a business online and positioning it ahead of its...

02 Oct

Responsive Design: what does it mean and how does it affect my website?

Internet access from mobile phones and devices has increase so much that in 2013, for the very first time, it became the preferred method of web browsing by users. The desktop is now in second position and the use of tablets has experienced a notable increase. This is why responsive design has become much more important over the years. Screen size and resolution can vary...

31 Jul

Will Google’s Pigeon Update be coming to Spain?

In case you haven’t heard, on the 24th July, Google launched a new algorithm update in its English search engine within the US market.  It hasn’t actually been given any official title as yet, but the online news hub, Search Engine Land, has decided to adopt it as ‘Pigeon’. In a nutshell, the Pigeon update essentially produces more accurate results for local search queries, and...

28 May

Breaking Bad, Flat Design and Free Publicity

Singers, TV series, IT programmes, businesses, applications, drinks, shops…at some point they have all jumped onto the bandwagon regarding flat design. In short, flat design is a silhouette, a recognisable image that can often have a much more impactful meaning than a well-thought slogan. New technologies have caused visual design to have much greater weight in communications than the written word. Our brains can remember...

07 Feb

To keyword or not to keyword: tips in selecting the best domain for your online business

When businesses first appeared on the web they would automatically purchase the name of their company such as www.vodafone.com. This especially works with well known brand names, due to the billions of dollars they spend on marketing and advertising. "I know that I want a Vodafone mobile, so that’s what I’m going to search for, thank you very much!". However, for smaller to medium sized...

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