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No Duplicate Content – Make Webbots your Friends

One way to fully optimise your website is by making search engines your best friends. “Now, how can I do that?” – I hear you say. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy them expensive gifts, just make their life a little bit easier. Think about it, wouldn’t you get annoyed if you had to keep reading the same paragraphs of text over and over again?. Yes,  of course you would, therefore so would Google and Co’.

When writing text for your website and deciding which content goes on which pages, make sure that you have not duplicated sections of text anywhere within your website.

Also, consider things like meta tags, titles and keywords. It is very easy to copy and paste your carefully chosen keywords in the Header section of each webpage, but again the search engines will not like it and you will remain “Billy no mates” among the internet spider fraternity!

A final consideration is whether your home page is duplicated or not. Your index or home page could be repeated on various different URLs such as:

This can also be viewed as duplicated content. If that’s the case, choose which one you would like to use as your homepage and set up, or get your webmaster to set up 301 redirects from the others. Don’t bug those search engine spiders anymore!

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Dawn Hutchinson is the Director of ArayoWeb and believes that websites should be creative and inspiring in content, yet clean and simple in their design. Dawn has an honours degree in International Marketing Management and speaks three languages. Following a solid career in marketing in the UK, Dawn moved to Spain in 2006 and spotted a gap in the market for clean, professional and clutter free websites, so proceeded to set up ArayoWeb, which is now fast becoming one of the leading web design agencies in the Spanish market.



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Michaël Deüringer
We are a new company selling on the Internet, and the decision to choose Dawn and her team for creating the website in four languages, a logo as well as an SEO campaign, has been our most important choice. I was pleasantly surprised by their professionalism, their creativity and they...
Michaël Deüringer
Florencio Francia
Considering how difficult a task it was to be able to create our design concept, ArayoWeb and the team knew exactly how to deliver our business idea, at the same time as showing professionalism and dedication in their service. Knowing how to treat the client well, is one of our...
Florencio Francia
Instituto AMI
Steve Hopkins
Having me as a customer can be very demanding, but that was no problem for Dawn and her team, they rose to the occasion and produced a masterpiece website for us. I strongly recommend ArayoWeb if you are serious about having an effective business in Spain; many underestimate the power...
El Verificador
Truth Polygraphy
Louise Roper
Wedding Logo
I am so thrilled with my new website I wanted to say a huge thank you. Dawn you have been amazing and right from the very beginning listened to everything that I wanted. I was looking for a website that would look good but also be functional, easy to navigate...
Louise Roper
Wedding Services
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